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By Malcolm Armsteen
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And I would be swayed by the opinion of a 'former Border Force officer' why?

Like the one who told me, when the tunnel was delayed due to an immigrant being killed on the tracks, that it was a pity they all didn't kill themselves. Or the useless thugs I meet every time I cross. A certain type of person is attracted to, and selected for that work.
By Boiler
Afraid I have to concur with that. I met someone who worked for the Border Force and he seemed pleasant enough... until you scratched the surface. Can't say I blame the French for saying "England's over there".
By Kreuzberger
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Well, lads and lasses [cracks knuckles, flexes fingers], we're in for an epic odessy of wetoldyousoery.

The clusterfuck is so baked in and hardwired that this might be the only thing anyone can realistically look forward to.
By spoonman
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A good while back, when the NI/RoI border question was a topic focused on, I asked about the seeming Brexit f*ckwits proposals to not man their side of the border so as to "claim" they aren't breaking the Good Friday Agreement and trying to call their bluff on the Irish and EU authorities on "forcing" to man their side. At the time I pointed out an obvious flaw - what would feckin' stop the Irish authorities putting "illegal" migrants on buses to cross north of the border into say Belfast & Larne and tell them "awn yez go boys!" amongst other things that would ultimately come from a border with more holes than a Swiss cheese?

Well, well, well, it looks like it hasn't been the UK/RoI land border that has seen its "take control of our borders" beyond Brexit first show the ignorance of Brexiteer exceptionalism into suddenly realising that if you want to talk about taking control of your national borders, then you win a vote promising to do so, then it is your job to start controlling your borders! Start taking responsibility for your own shit.

I can certainly understand the French shouting across La Manche "Va te faire foutre!" Patel & Co. just reap what they sow.
By Boiler
It seems that not only do they want an Australian-style points-based immigration system, but to adopt the Australian Navy "push back" tactics.
By The Red Arrow
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They need our Stilton more than we need their car manufacturing...
You can't make this shit up.

Love of Stilton drives wedge between UK and Japan in post-Brexit trade talks

Consensus crumbles after Liz Truss reportedly sought to make the cheese a part of negotiations ... rade-talks

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