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My daughter did her AS Levels this year and all her grades and the grades of her friends have been downgraded which is absolutely ridiculous. AS Levels really don't have much currency in the real world they are usually just used by schools to decide if students should stay on for a second year and sit A Levels next year so why has the government wasted time messing around with predicted grades? My daughter and her friends have been slogging away doing private study for the last four months doing all the work set by school and after all that they have received a kick in the teeth.

Many pupils will start the new school year in three weeks time feeling extremely deflated and demoralised.
Williamson was supposed to provide definitive guidance for schools on the arrangements for return on August 11th.


Word now is August 20th at the earliest.

Schools return on September 2nd. That's 13 working days (in their holidays) for schools to make a mass of changes and new plans.

Williamson has been absolutely useless during the pandemic. The decision to close schools was taken way too late and then the guidance on which pupils would still be allowed into school was issued the day before schools closed making it impossible for schools to properly assess how many pupil would turn up on the following Monday morning. The schemes to provide poorer pupils with food vouchers and laptops were both botched. Plans to re-open schools were issued via an article in the Sunday Telegraph with zero consultation with the schools and unions. Guidance on getting Year 10 back to school were published late and then quickly rewritten, forcing schools to rewrite all their plans. Guidance for schools to fully re-open in September were issued on the Wednesday before schools officially broke for the Summer making it very difficult for schools to undertake all the necessary planning.

Despite his utter incompetence the narrative in the media is that it is the teachers fault that schools are struggling to re-open properly in September.
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The Red Arrow wrote:
Thu Aug 13, 2020 7:16 pm
I'm beginning to think you don't even have a favourite cheese....
"For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.” Matthew 12:37.
A Venn diagram of people calling kids who have worked hard for months only to see their hopes and dreams destroyed snowflakes against people blubbing about wearing a small piece of fabric temporarily over their faces for the greater good is just a circle, isn't it?
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Safe_Timber_Man wrote:
Thu Aug 13, 2020 12:40 pm
I knew there was a reason why I'd decided to the the Mail a miss for a while...

What a bunch of utterly cretinous fuckwits:

When I first heard rumblings of this fiasco, I was certain Mailites would be bemoaning this being the most unearned set of grades ever because they didn't even have to sit any exams for them :roll:
Interesting thread here, from a former advisor to Gove. While sympathetic to the government's predicament and accepts some use of prior year school data (about which not everyone will agree) it nonetheless says they fucked it up massively.

I think this means they have a problem.
At least it's over for Gav now.

Oh hang on.

https://www.theguardian.com/education/2 ... chers-warn
GCSEs: 2 million results set to be downgraded, researchers warn
Exclusive: analysis suggests disadvantaged pupils will be even worse hit than in A-levels debacle
Oh well, Williamson's only there so nobody notices that Nick Gibb is really running things.
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Must be an important policy change, seeing it's been briefed to a Tory-supporting paper.

I assume this keeps the algorithm but provides a redress for the individuals who suffer unfairly from it. Which is obviously fairer. But won't that mean there are a lot more people achieving the grades for university entrance than normal? Where do all the places come from? In a pandemic? Doubtless, lots of stuff will be online when term starts and you might be able to add some capacity. But what about when things come back to normal? Where would eg all the labs be for the extra students?
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