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By mr angry manchester
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They'll all be ok, even if they get found out, they'll get a one day a month consultancy job with Bupa or Goldman Sachs or some such shit, paying about 200 grand a year, then go back to lecturing people about how hard work, on minimum wage jobs, brings benefit.

They won't have to root around under the cushions for 50p to put in the electric. Cunts
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By The Red Arrow
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We have reached Trump level reality denial.

Johnson is tested on Covid and Brexit, his specialist subjects of ignorance
John Crace

At PMQs and then before the liaison committee, the prime minister’s cluelessness is exposed for all to see
It’s no great secret that Boris Johnson has problems with women. And not just his wives, girlfriends and IT advisers...
https://www.theguardian.com/politics/20 ... -ignorance
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