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By The Red Arrow
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Cracie's getting through some typewritwer ribbon this week...

Starmer treats Johnson as a toddler but he has regressed to being a baby
John Crace

At the rate of decline seen at PMQs, it won’t be long before we have a PM who has yet to be born
Now things took an even more surreal turn with Boris declaring any attack on Typhoid Dido to be both unjustified and unseemly. It was almost medieval in tone and probably the first time on record that Johnson has ever sought to defend a woman’s honour. And also totally bizarre, as what is really unseemly is that an unelected Tory peer with a track record of mismanagement and failure should have been given the job as head of test and trace without even an interview.
https://www.theguardian.com/politics/20 ... ing-a-baby
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By youngian
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Puerile government response to Starmer gate-crashing their President Bozo broadcast wheeze. I doubt even the BBC wants a legal dust up with the Labour Party for stifling a LOTO response.
Government criticises BBC for giving Keir Starmer 'right of reply' broadcast

An anonymous government source told the Daily Telegraph: "It’s a strange move for the BBC to allow a political statement as a counterpoint to the prime minister making a public information address during a time of crisis.

“It raises questions for the BBC on why they are allowing Sir Keir Starmer a primetime slot to give a political rebuttal.”

Starmer respond to Johnson's statement in May, when he announced the easing of coronavirus restrictions.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Really hate opposition, because entitlement.
Know they are talking bollocks, think the voters are stupid.
Can't answer if they're challenged, policies are designed to maintain their privilege and they daren't say so.
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