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By Dan
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I find him to be kind of a joke now.

He's ranted about basically how everyone who is lockdown skeptical is a basically a madman who believes Covid is a fake. Untrue. Most of us who are members of lockdown skeptic communities do not believe the pandemic to be fake or a conspiracy, the belief is that lockdown is not the way to solve the problem, even temporarily, and causes far more problems than it solves. Lockdown fetishists, as I sometimes call them, appear to possess a delusional belief that lockdown has no downsides at all and that we can go in and out of them and come out economically, physically, socially and mentally fine which is the real delusion to me. Pointing out Sweden's success in keeping the pandemic down without being overly restrictive isn't mad either and I'm quite fed up with the allegations that anyone who doesn't believe in "hard lockdown" wants to pretty much genocide the elderly.

Although Allison Pearson's Tweet about her son was mind-numbingly idiotic, the fact remains, that despite Fenton's fear-mongering, the effect of Covid on younger people is absolutely minimal.

It's not just this though, just in general. He's turned into the worst kind of condescending, patronizing, ridiculously over-sensitive, sneering figure against anyone who doesn't absolutely follow the new WOKE agenda (which, as many of us discussed in the JK Rowling thread, has many problems), seeing bigotry and racism in everything and thus really damaging the fight against it where it does exist: ... young.html

This is a prime example of how hysterical he now is, where he allows his dislike to blind him of all reason. I can't stand Toby Young but if you seriously think using the term "dark horse" to describe an outsider in a competition is racist against mixed-race people, you are seriously missing the point and just looking for it. It just takes a bit of basic research and intelligence to understand that this is just not true.

I liked him when he was pointing out the hypocrisy of media barons and their agenda but his borderline psychotic obsession with the likes of Harry Cole and Toby Young (who yes, are total shits and I'm not denying that), desire to apparently become the poster child of Momentum and condescending attitude to those not in total agreement with him has massively turned me off of his blog.
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By Andy McDandy
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While my issues with the lockdown are more to do with the inconsistency of it, the lack of any sort of joined up planning (save for skimming cash out of it), and the tendency for the government to hijack the genuinely heroic and inventive work of others, I agree with you about many of your criticisms of the ZS blog. As you may know, I occasionally post replies there.

On a personal level, the use of copy/pasted sentences and sophomore humour (namely Blackadder and Python) is really grating. Is it necessary to add "who you can tell, as they're a doctor" onto anyone named with a PhD? It's certainly not funny.

A lot of posts are basically "I watched someone's Twitter feed until they said a stupid, then c/p'd the ensuing dogpile". He's quite into double standards too - someone on the left will get the "oh come on, it was clearly a joke" defence, while the same comment from someone on the right will be treated as incitement or libel. His obsession with obscure racial insults might be valid - unconscious bias is a thing, and many idioms do have murky origins - but use of "puppet master" (for example) doesn't so much scream antisemitism to me as it does The Godfather.

As for his regular respondents, beyond hope. Single issue obsessives, dyed in the wool Trots, Mike Gigglers, and the sort of berk who'd rather have the worst Tory government than any Labour administration that isn't 110% to their liking. Also, people doing topical filks of songs to make some satiric point. Really, just no. It's shit when Littlejohn does it, and lefty versions aren't any better.
By Oblomov
Is it me or did Fenton seem more rigorous in his rebuttals pre-Corbyn? I quite enjoyed the blog during Osborne's austerity years because he would unpick the bullshit arguments and try to back up his points with various sources of data (and search for a quote from named parties).

Now he just seems to post screenshots of Twitter :?
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By Andy McDandy
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Yes. He used to provide more in the way of counter-argument. Nowadays it's more guilt by association. Wrote something for the Spectator? Here's a list of all the things it's done over the years. Liked by someone on the right? Here's their back catalogue.
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By Dan
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#626397 ... -sham.html

He's an idiot.

First of all, it's not a sham. Many respected scientists and medical experts have signed this declaration. You disagree? Fair enough. But it's not a sham.

Secondly, if I'm trolling a petition, I'm not very likely to support the petition's goals, am I? What possible aim could I have? People are obviously trying to discredit it and it's clearly a tiny minority of people who have done this, as the stats provided have shown. Anyone with genuine objections to the petition would be tackling its points, not flinging shit at those who have genuinely signed it.

Thirdly, absolutely no condemnation for anyone in that tiny minority who has signed with a fake name yet, as I recall, Fenton was puffing with outrage (quite rightly) when Tory voters were joining Labour to pay to vote for Corbyn as leader to, as they saw it, damage Labour's credibility. Or is it only a scam if the perpetrators are people we disagree with?

The petition could have done more to stop these false names and trolls but that doesn't discredit the legitimate qualifications of many of the scientists and doctors who have signed it - to which, Fenton is not one yet he insists on condescending, sneering and mansplaining regarding Dr Gupta. I've no issues with Fenton holding his own views nor do I have the right to but if he's going to behave like a condescending bellend to someone with more expertise than him, he can't complain when someone "doesn't take experts seriously".

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