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By Tubby Isaacs
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Does he have his own thread? I reckon we might be hearing more from him in the near future, somehow.

Here's a fairly mild example of what we might expect.

Take that, Remainers!

Or, as it turns out, "Morgan Stanley look to have 1 London HQ instead of 2, with 25% less space in a few years time, but it might not". Hard to read anything about Brexit into it, and article doesn't do so. It's about where banks want to have offices- some seem to want to move staff outside the financial districts, but Morgan Stanley doesn't. It's a story about commercial real estate trends in London. And, it goes without saying, events, dear boy, can alter those plans.

Imagine Morgan Stanley were doing the same thing last year? Do you reckon Neil would have alighted on it and said "But they keep telling me a Corbyn Government is a threat to the City?" Of course he wouldn't,
By youngian
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15-20% exodus of total capital held in the UK is a reliable yardstick for the plans of the financial behemoths. Neil knows this making his ‘yah boo Remainers’ Tweets even more embarrassing. Neil also sets up Auny Sallies: ‘The Remaoners said all the banks would leave..’
By bluebellnutter
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Dear sir,

I recently found on a visit to the excellent Mailwatch forum that there was a new thread about the Spectator and BBC face Andrew Neil. The internet is very much a modern medium for me, more for the kids than myself. Does anyone have a picture which might represent an older white man grappling with something altogether younger and more exotic?

Yours etc.

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