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By The Red Arrow
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Apparently, the Ma*l's spaffed a few million with an image consultancy. Amazeballs!

Why Daily Mail appointed a top creative agency to position it as a ‘powerful positive force’
By John McCarthy-22 July 2020 13:00pm
https://www.thedrum.com/news/2020/07/22 ... tive-force

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By Bones McCoy
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The Red Arrow wrote:
Fri Oct 09, 2020 11:57 am
Fortune for somebody, eh, Nige? :roll:
I worked in the financial markets, as did my father and grandfather.
We did very nicely thanks, but now the financial markets are bad.
Bung your money our way and we'll look after it for you.

Meanwhile, Nige's Gold-plated EU pension is doing just fine.
By Bones McCoy
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I made the mistake of reading the comments - so you don't have to.

I refer the panel to my earlier critique of "Anybody of average intelligence".

In spite of his "Brexit Party Ltd" treatment of supporter's contributions.
In spite of his folding the election and saying "Vote for Boris".

A legion of willing marks queue up for another rinsing.
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By youngian
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Bernie Maddoff was such a prolific swindler because he never promised the Moon. He was the little guy he didn’t have fancy offices in Wall St or bought yachts. And could give you a little bit extra like one percent more on your annual investment than the fat cuts due to his homespun prudence.
By Cyclist
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I haven't watched the video, and I'm not going to, either, but the truthful explanation of what "Fortune Freedom" means is quite simple:

Manfrog makes a fortune. His marks get Bobby McGee-type freedom.

<sings - Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose...>
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