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By Kreuzberger
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Both my kids have come out. My daughter was swithering until the results of her fieldwork confirmed her feelings. With my boy, it is far more complicated and it involves a poly set up with Christ knows how many mill-races and culs-de-sac.

My over-arching desire is for them to be happy.

I will not claim in a million years to have been the finest of parents but I did bring them up to not make the mistakes which I made, and to love as the ultimate prize in all we are as humans. I am proud of myself that seems to be working, and I am proud of them that that they live their lives as they wish.

On the other hand. "Wot, dad? You also do men, and all?" Shoulda seen their faces when I explained that I consider this to be a perfectly normal route towards long-term happiness.

In other news. Never lose a single game of chess against your kids. They'll hate you for it.
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