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By youngian
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He was crap, he surrounded himself with crap, lazy, talentless sycophants who only told him what he wanted to hear, and he kept people who could have made a difference - including old friends - at a distance so he didn’t have to consider for a moment he was wrong.

Its been noted Jezza has Tweeted next to nothing about Corvid and is rarely seen wearing a mask. Most recently at a wake with anarchists sticking it to the man.
By youngian
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The only problem with Lewis Goodall’s report on Newsnight was absence of a credible grownup to criticise of Starmer. He was just handing Len, Diane and Lavery rope. Just like Tory Brexiters; No self-reflection on mistakes let alone admission of grotesque failure that stares them in the face. Everything is someone else’s fault especially Remoaners like Starmer. Like Biden, Keir's not playing so they can all fuck off.
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By oboogie
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Tubby Isaacs wrote:
Tue Oct 20, 2020 2:21 pm
Why are they banging on about Mandelson in 2020 anyway?
Mandelson was also on the programme and McCluskey was asked to respond to something Mandelson had said.
By Tubby Isaacs
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A lot of "Other" there. Labour losing a few to the Greens? How many of those are going to follow through and not vote tactically v eg PM Gove in 2024?

Having said that, I think Labour could do with voting against a couple of the things they're abstaining on, for tactical reasons if nothing else.
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