Discussion of the UK Government
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By Bones McCoy
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Tubby Isaacs wrote:
Tue Oct 20, 2020 10:04 pm
Manchester is a city, Every city apart from Stoke is liberal elite. Real people live in towns. Like Leigh, Rochdale, Oldham, Bolton, Bury, Stockport.

Oh fuck!
Stoke is an agglomeration of 7 towns, which may explain some of it's outlier results.
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By Andy McDandy
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I tend to follow PMQs on Twitter, setting the feed to "latest", and checking what's coming out from all commentators. Much better than following on BBC website, and watching live isn't always possible (besides, Bozo's voice...).

He's not getting any better, while his increasingly few cheerleaders tend to trot out the same line in his defence. Conversely, his critics find lots of things to pull him apart on.
By Oblomov
Tubby Isaacs wrote:
Wed Oct 21, 2020 1:11 pm
I follow via The Guardian. It's genuinely unexpected when he answers a question honestly.
Blairite centrist melt James O'Brien pointed out today that the only true remark Rambozza The Clown has made in months is that school children went hungry before Marcus Rashford came along.
By The Red Arrow
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She is absolutely correct.

But in Brexiter land, the buffoon who lied to GM Mayor, lied to T May, lied to M Barnier, lied to MPs, lied to a queen, lied to his employers, lied to his wives, lied to the court about his love child....

is a man of integrity.

They deserve him.
By youngian
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Not again. Brexit means Brexit. Leave voting Brits can use the extra hour to ponder on their stupidity
Boris Johnson has clashed with Brussels over an 11th-hour attempt to save British passport holders from hours of delays at European airports from the end of the year.
The government is seeking continued use by UK nationals of the automatic e-gates used by EU nationals at airports and Eurostar terminals. The move is seen by the European commission as an attempt to keep Britons in faster lanes rather than having to queue up with the rest of the world after the end of the transition period.
Studies suggest the loss of access to automatic gates and the need for extra passport checks could delay Britons by an extra hour as they move through some European airports. The issue has been raised in the ongoing trade and security negotiations, and the government has made contact with a number of member states in an attempt to retain access to the e-gates.
The commission is adamant that giving UK nationals such a right would breach EU law. “The Schengen border code is restrictive on this,” says one internal EU document seen by the Guardian. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/20 ... ost-brexit
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