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By crabcakes_windermere
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The fact he does exactly what they accuse him of doing is priceless. I can't tell if he's just utterly self-unaware, or really so hideously arrogant that he believes his own bullshit.

(Mystifyingly, I've heard from a few places that he's supposed to be a very nice chap in person when not lecturing or debating, and bears virtually no resemblance to the character he seems to be in writing.)
By Catkins
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Well, I know something who worked reception desk at various a Labour party press events 96-97 and Hitchens was always a rude arse to her and other Labour staff (mainly females). And I recall reading ages ago that Kinnock once intervened in the 1992 election campaign to complain that one of his female staffers was being constantly subjected to real vile verbal abuse at events from Hitchens and Bruce Anderson team-tagging each other.
By Abernathy
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In a parliamentary by-election in 2004 in Birmingham, I was responsible for finding suitable premises and setting up 4 committee rooms , or campaign centres, in the constituency for the duration of the short campaign. Once I'd got all of them up and running, I was at one of the campaign centres when Hitchens turned up with a few minders from whatever paper he was on then and tried to get in. The comms guy for the by-election, a bloke called Adrian McMenamin, was adamant that on no account should we let Hitchens across the threshold. "This man is the Labour Party's enemy" said Adrian, and he was dead right.
By Malcolm Armsteen
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From Popbitch:
>> For Pete's sake <<
A Hitch in the plan

After making a big song and dance about face coverings this summer, photographing himself multiple times in full WW2 gas mask get-up, it seems Peter Hitchens has settled on a new plan to flout the requirement to wear a face mask on public transport.

On the train from London to Oxford this week, Hitchens ignored the many announcements and signs asking him to consider fellow passengers and wear a mask – instead getting himself a cup of tea and a packet of crisps so that he could remain maskless in order to consume them. He then proceeded to make the solitary packet of crisps last the entire journey, nibbling away at a rate of one crisp per 1.8 minutes.

So if any starving schoolkids are looking for advice on how to make a meal out of not very much...
Utter wankstain.
By Oblomov
davidjay wrote:
Thu Oct 22, 2020 8:15 pm
But you can absolutely guarantee he's a stickler for zero tolerance and stiffer sentences.
Aye, I thought he was a hang 'em & flog 'em authoritarian type?

Or has he just seen the money and prominence attained by Nu-Right talking heads like Darren Grimes and he's decided he wants a bit of that?
By Andy McDandy
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He is asserting his rights as a free-born man of the UK.

You are a horrible tick who needs keeping in line.
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By crabcakes_windermere
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Today it seems the pompous oaf tweeted out a graph showing no second wave that conveniently ended 2 months ago, then has spent the rest of the morning getting annoyed with people who immediately called him out on it for *exactly* what it was by claiming some feeble argument that it was actually showing something else about the lack of justification for action (because obviously he knows all about epidemiology), when his intent to just be a no mask big boy was more blatant than his desperation to be seen as a "big thinker".

It's really quite sweet how you can immediately tell when someone has nailed him, because he starts making stupid huffy demands like they should call him "Mr Hitchens" in the desperate hope they'll be outrageously rude to him in return so he can use his favourite tactic of declaring an ad hominem attack.
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