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By Tubby Isaacs
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Interesting they say that the law's the problem. That can get changed as part of a deal. This would look like a nice last minute win for Johnson when he folds on fishing and state aid. And those (English) tourists are money.

If there are fundamental problems with access to databases, that's different. Is anybody saying that?
By Samanfur
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Boris Johnson condemned for ‘appalling’ Tory alliance with neo-Nazi and anti-Muslim parties across Europe

Boris Johnson is facing growing condemnation for an “appalling” Tory alliance with neo-Nazi and anti-Muslim parties across Europe, as a Conservative peer reveals how he has refused to act.

The extraordinary pact sees the party’s MPs sitting alongside the “heirs of Mussolini” in Italy and an Estonian party that celebrates its wartime collaboration with Hitler, among other far-right groups in the Council of Europe.

Yet, Lord Balfe reveals, his repeated attempts to persuade the prime minister to take action have been rebuffed – as he was told it was going on “a long way away and no-one understands it”.

Instead, the peer was kicked out of the European Conservatives Group for protesting to No 10 after the group “invited in” the far-right so-called Democratic Alliance, he said.
By davidjay
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youngian wrote:
Sat Oct 24, 2020 11:29 pm
This won’t be a problem when the Tories withdraw from the Council of Europe and won’t be sitting with anyone.

This is a good story to troll the poppy fetishists.
I can imagine they'll be quite pleased. A good many of them believe the worst thing about the war was that the wrong side won.
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