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By youngian
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The struggle of the people of Bolivia shows us a better world is possible

Very best to Morales in achieving this objective. He has an uphill struggle as a Corbyn endorsement is usually the kiss of death. He’s learned nothing from Venezuela to avoid becoming a hostage to fortune.

Surprised Jez hasn’t a pic with Evo to make the story more about himself
By youngian
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They're right that Biden hasn't shifted the dial very much and neither did he expect to. The argument they're promoting that a more left wing candidate with promises of green jobs, infrastructure renewal and universal health care could trounce Trump may have had some validity after his 2016 victory. But after four years? Just fuck off.
By Cyclist
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That's the one thing Magic Grandpa was always good at - stating the bleedin' obvious.

There's not many (sane) people who would argue the vaccine for a deadly virus shouldn't be freely available to all :roll:
By Tubby Isaacs
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I think he's saying the people who develop it shouldn't get to make a profit out of it, or only as much as he thinks.

Owen Jones was on about this stuff the other day, and tried to make out that the fact some publicly funded research had been used at some stage made this "socialism for the rich"- he didn't explain how directly related to the vaccine the publicly funded bit was.

I know the vaccine is topical, but as I look around the world at injustice, I don't think "You people, saving millions from death and enabling economic recovery, you'll be up against the wall!"
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By youngian
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Jezza should be worried Pfizer will not be making large profits. Corporates gambling with exaggerated research claims in order to bump up their share price is not unknown. Especially US ones where executives hold huge amounts of stock as a tax avoidance wheeze.
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