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By Cyclist
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The only grassroots members and MPs who were treated so abysmally were treated so because they were women, because they were Jewish, because they were Jewish women, an because they didn't have their tongues up Corbyn's arse.

The more these cunts try to play the victim card the more I will despise and loathe them.
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By oboogie
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The 15 Labour rebels.
I'm surprised Abbott, McDonnell, Lavery and Long-Bailey aren't on the list.
Corbyn also voted against any COVID restrictions from midnight tonight.
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By Tubby Isaacs
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I think I've mentioned the Michael Crick book before. They did well at first, negotiating a fudge with the Tory Government, whereby they could build some social housing and stayed within the letter of the law. Unlike other cities, Liverpool hadn't had a lefty Labour council in the seventies building lots of council flats. so they had a good case. Trouble was, they weren't going to pull that off too many times, and next time, when the Tories were ready to fight, the Tories won.
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