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Obviously, I think that if you're told to self-isolate in halls, you should self-isolate in halls (unless there's some overriding reason not to). But what exactly is a plan to stop students returning home going to look like? Cops outside hall?

Let's hope students care more about the rules than Dominic Cummings did.
We had cabinet office people on campus last Wednesday (23rd) checking on our arrangements. Did have to wonder if it was because we were doing things really well, or they just fancied a trip out of London (this is Northumbria uni we're talking about).

When news came round about the visit, many staff wanted to meet them. Largely in case one of them was Cummings and, you know, take chances when they present themselves...
Tubby Isaacs wrote:
Sun Sep 27, 2020 8:41 pm
I wasn't even sure universities were under Williamson's department, but apparently they are. Anyone seen him?
It's his overall responsibility, but not his job. Like all of the great departments of state there is a Secretary of State (Williamson) in overall charge and then a series of Ministers of State and Parliamentary Under Secretares with specific responsibilities, viz:

Secretary of State - Gavin Williamson
Michelle Donelan - Minister of State for universities
Nick Gibb - Minister of State for School Standards
Vicky Ford - Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Children and Families
Gillian Keegan - Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Apprenticeships and Skills
Baroness Berridge - Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the School System

Only Williamson is of cabinet rank.

Gibb has been out and about a bit, but Donelan is utterly invisible, and as a Minister of State she should be seen and heard fronting up the departent's policies. As should the others. It's the least talented bunch I've ever seen at the DfE and speaks volumes about the present administration's commitment to state education, and that the 'school system' is led by an under secretary (in the Lords at that) is scandalous.
Yep, there are junior ministers with specific responsibility for things in the brief, but as you say, Williamson is the boss. This is surely boss level stuff. We've seen Shapps (Transport Secretary) do big announcements on rail, not the rail minister (Chris Heaton-Harris).

Actually forget the Education Secretary. Isn't this stuff for the PM?
The last few months have shown that when it comes to fast-tracking paperwork, we do indeed have some of the best in the world.
If the vaccine proves to be Thalidomide 2.0 in the long term that could upset the apple cart... but somehow I reckon the bastards could survive even that.

But really, this is all about propping Johnson up.
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