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By mattomac
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To be honest Sunak is flakey and will fall apart when the crap hits the fan. Flavour of the month nothing more, beyond the free money when you actually see what he has done it’s very little and that spending review was the biggest waste of parliamentary time since Corbyn’s last early day motion on Aliens or something.
By Tubby Isaacs
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youngian wrote:
Fri Dec 04, 2020 12:04 pm

Hard right tax cutters don’t let deficits get in their way especially when the welfare scroungers can help pay for them. Can’t see Sunak having Keith Joseph’s intellectual rigour or certainty (the Mad Monk of Monetarism).
Joseph didn't always walk his talk as minister. He had the industry brief, which should have been idle for his worldview, with lots of lame ducks to shoot. But in practice he was sqeaamish about that. Not least because the monetarism he'd converted everyone to had already put so many out of work.

Mad or not, Joseph had, politically speaking, come up the hard way, with Heath's struggles and a strong left. That's different to IDS or Sunak who popped up when it was much easier to be right wing because Joseph and Thatcher had done the hard right tough yards.
By Tubby Isaacs
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Cleggmania barely lasted past the second debate. One of the dissident Lib Dem blogs I used to read during the Coalition (might have been Liberator?) criticized the party for not having been ready to build on Cleggmania. Just like the owner of Fionavon didn't have a champagne reception booked to celebrate his Grand National win, maybe.
By Oblomov
I suspect that the culture war will become (if it hasn't already) another minefield of leftist infighting amongst splinter groups, whilst the right will hoover up votes on a simple platform of unified hatred.
By Tubby Isaacs
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Jones has made a good point today about Labour doing media like LBC. I think getting articles in the Mail or wherever is fine, and actually good practice at addressing messages to people who aren't your regular voters.

But phone ins are much harder, one for professional broadcasters. Lots of callers will be outright liars, and it's hard to spot lots of that in real time. But even more dangerous are ones who mix it up, with bits from academic studies and real news. Chances are the bit you call out as rubbish will have some truth in it.

Clegg did a radio show. Did him no good.
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