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Disability fail from the ONS. The two colours used on that chart look almost identical to me. The colours in the little boxes telling you which one's which *are* identical. Not everyone has perfect vision, which is why things like this should have contrasting colours so they can be easily differentiated. Mauve and slightly darker mauve are almost indistinguishsble. I'm assuming from the order of the little boxes in the key that the bars on the left are London and the ones on the right are the rest of the UK. It would be nice to be able to see this at a glance, rather than having to guess.

This is a constant bugbear when it comes to government websites and the information contained therein. It's very rare to find one with everything displayed in an accessible format. :evil: On the other hand, it is keeping one of my acquaintances in constant work, taking various public bodies to court to force them to comply with accessibility legislation. :roll:
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