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Funny he couldn’t vote for it when whatever he’d have negotiated would have been broadly the same and still worse than what we had. Still, no surprise to see he’s still believing he could deliver unicorns when all that was on offer was dead horses.
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By Tubby Isaacs
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Would the EU have done another renegotiation at all? I can imagine them saying "you can have May's deal or Johnson's, isn't that enough choice?"

He could have probably added in the sort of stuff Starmer suggests as improvements. But nobody was interested in Jez Brexit.
By oboogie
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"Jeremy Corbyn will take the first step towards a High Court battle against Labour next week over his suspension from the parliamentary party.

The former opposition leader will have a pre-action disclosure application heard in London on Monday afternoon, court officials told the PA news agency.

Lawyers for Corbyn are expected to ask a judge for disclosure of documents ahead of a possible legal challenge over his suspension."

One small problem, he isn't suspended. ... B9mnEpQUq0
By Cyclist
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The last paragraph from the linked article in oboogie's post above
PA revealed in November that the party’s chief whip, Nick Brown, asked Corbyn to “unequivocally, unambiguously and without reservation” apologise for his comments.

They forgot the words "which he has not yet done".
I think this is ultimately going to backfire on him badly. He clearly has no interest in any “apology” that doesn’t allow him a caveat to imply it wasn’t his fault or further his various simplistic conspiracy theories.

When that gets to court, and it comes out that he just didn’t fulfil what was requested of him, he’ll have to make the case for those caveats there. And that won’t go down well.

Like Trump, it only works right up to the point when someone they can’t fob off says “show me the facts”.
By Oblomov
Classic Jezza, all about showing off on top of the soapbox with no understanding or appreciation of the intricacies of finer detail.
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