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By The Weeping Angel
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Tubby Isaacs wrote:
Wed Jan 06, 2021 11:50 pm
I wouldn't mind if he admitted he got it wrong and didn't think that Trump would go this far. Which would actually be a fair and reasonable stance to take.
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By youngian
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New Johnson thread maybe needed called ‘Nothing like Trump’
Matt bigs up Boris as he’s a pro-immigration social liberal who wants more buccaneering free trading behind the Red Wall.
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By mattomac
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Students’ Unions are also charities and abide by charity law hence they can’t allow wily nily to rock up and say whatever they want.

Interesting point made in a book recently, Universities are supposed to be educational institutions, you wouldn’t invite a creationist to teach Biology to Science students would you?

But it is expected for some reason that Universities should invite whoever with whatever wacky out of this world view to campus.

Of course the rules around who and who can’t be invited on campus also include a lot of extremists,in fact the only actual groups banned by NUS are on the list extremist groups that the security services hold.

It is a load of bunkum, if some person says they don’t want to be on the same platform as someone that isn’t curbing freedom of speech it’s the fact someone decided not to stand on a platform, I chose to do so at a minor literature festival in Bournemouth after this blokes comments on homosexuality that he spouted during his session.

Also Universities have a duty of care to the students, the same way as you would be angry if a lecturer used racist tropes or insulted a kid over their mental health.

Anyhow you can make the case for cancel culture but Trump isn’t, Ariel Pink isn’t and so and so on and so on.

Oh and Goodwin can fuck off until he can tell us why against his confident prediction Biden smashed it in America.
By Andy McDandy
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Does seem to be a constant on the right.

Take the statues debate. Right object to toppling statues, saying it's whitewashing history. History is complex and needs to be debated and taken in context, they say. Then they attack anyone trying to contextualise or debate things, call them raging commies, and insist that their whitewashed chocolate box version is the only one that gets heard.

Or the one used by the Sun about its Merseyside boycott. You're limiting free speech by denying people the right/option to choose the Sun. What, they just don't want to read it? Brainwashing at work, folks! Unless you read the Sun, you're not getting a full spectrum of opinions. If you read anything other than the Sun you're prejudiced against it. Thus only the Sun should exist.

Or the Jo Cox/free speech one. Jo Cox believed in free speech, thus if you criticise me you're shitting on her memory.

It's just so bloody obvious, yet so many peddle it, and even more fall for it. Sorry, bit sad about it all.
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By mr angry manchester
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Interesting points Andy.

1, Statues. I was against this because I thought it was just silly gesture politics and would achieve nothing apart from to enrage the gammon. A lot of the subjects of the statues were largely unknown to a lot of people, sleeping dogs, let them lie.

2, The Sun. No one in Merseyside wants it because of the lies told about Hillsborough and also because it is absolute, total, complete and utter shite anyway

3, Jo Cox. This is a difficult one, the line has to be drawn between free speech and hate speech. Might have to think a bit more about this
By mattomac
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Council had been dragging its heels on Colston for years, they all jumped on David Olsuga at the time who said it was wrong but ignored the fact that he also wondered why it had taken so long to remove it.

I personally would leave the plinth empty, I think that serves the message far more than having Colston there. The question about history has to be asked why did it go up almost 100 years after he was alive.

The problem with the Colston statue and the supposed whitewashing of history is that it itself whitewashed history over 100 years ago.
By mr angry manchester
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mattomac wrote:
Tue Jan 19, 2021 3:30 pm

I personally would leave the plinth empty, I think that serves the message far more than having Colston there. The question about history has to be asked why did it go up almost 100 years after he was alive.

Seems a sensible suggestion
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