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KevS wrote:
Fri Jan 01, 2021 12:10 am
Speaking of fireworks, the ones in London were pretty damned impressive.

And a reference to BLM there too, which should provide us with the first Gammonplosion of 2021.
Called it.

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I think we should nominate Mr Khan for a little something in the Queen's Birthday Honours. Surely, sparking "Fury" in the Fail just seconds into a new decade is worthy of official recognition.

And it'd piss Dacre right off. :lol:
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"What extra fish? There isn't any. Certainly not for the port of Whitby or Scarborough. We will be worse off in January than what we were when we started as a full member of the EU.

"If George Eustice thinks that's a good deal, I'd hate to think what he thinks is a bad deal. I think he should resign, that's my personal opinion."
Boiler wrote:
Mon Jan 04, 2021 2:40 pm

EU firms refuse UK deliveries over Brexit tax changes

(warning: contains SYB content.)
One of the sensibleist SYB's I've ever read.
2 screens in and nobody complaining of cultural marxism.
Ours, sadly not picked up.
As of 1st January 2021, we are no longer shipping to the United Kingdom. However, Customers from the Island who find that they can’t eat their dinner off “sovereignty” are more than welcome to organise their own courier service or a private pickup in Berlin. Please contact us directly and we will help you with the ordering process.
Brooks Saddles, that most English of products, cannot be ordered from Brooks themselves for the next while by anyone on the UK, as the brand is owned by an Italian conglomerate and all products get their final QC and PDI in Italy.
One (more) consequence of the Irish Sea border - Sainsbury's in NI have had to fall back on contingency plans to stock local Spar products to replace items that presently can't be sold in NI due to Single Market Rules. More in the thread...

#636129 ... 6df018c10e

A exhaustively long, comprehensive, and frightening denouement of Brexit. If people can't get around the paywall I'll stick the text on pastebin.
Oblomov wrote:
Fri Jan 22, 2021 11:46 pm
If people can't get around the paywall I'll stick the text on pastebin.
Yes please Oblomov.
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