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By oboogie
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mattomac wrote:
Wed Jan 27, 2021 7:02 pm
Seems his team requested communications from Margaret Hodge and the president of the board of deputies of British Jews.

What was he attempting to do here, make it even worse looking for himself.
How unsurprising that he wants point the finger at some Jews.
By oboogie
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youngian wrote:
Wed Jan 27, 2021 7:18 pm
Does repaying Labour’s costs come out of Jez’s lucrative Trumpian crowdfunded fighting fund?
It can't be touched for this, the crowdfunding was raised for the purpose of suing Labour. I expect the longsuffering Unite members will be paying for this one.
By Tubby Isaacs
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From a couple of days ago, but this is vintage Jez.

What do they say when asked "If other countries say they won't give their nukes up, do you think Britain should?" I venture a lot fewer than 77% support Britain giving them up.

Not that I'm particularly attached to nukes you understand, but let's be honest about what the state of play is.
By Cyclist
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Aye, with the Iranians on the way to developing their own, a bunch of jolly Jack-Tars in a SSBN parked up in the Arabian Gulf might dissuade them from doing something *really* silly.
By Tubby Isaacs
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"Zero Covid" apparently doesn't mean zero Covid any more, just "low levels like last Summer". Given that people associated with zero covid, like Devi Sridhar, don't think it went low enough last summer, I think that's not a good slogan, but anyhow.

Sure, New Zealand did extremely well, but it only had 2,300 cases of Covid in total. Gross that up to the UK population, and that's something like 28,000. We just had that many in a day. How long would it take to get down to this level? And if you're vaccinating fast, with the most vulnerable being done as you go, does that make sense anyway?

Mark Drakeford doesn't seem to be aiming for this. But I'm sure the bloke who last held political office in the seventies on a council housing committee knows better.
By Tubby Isaacs
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Actually, in fairness, some of the stuff is good and Starmer should say it (some of it he is). But Jez mentions workplaces, credit for that. The bit I don't get is that we keep shut down till the virus is that low, when we can get people vaccinated. Got to be diminishing returns.
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