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By PaulOnBooks
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Andy McDandy wrote: ... s-in-2016/

How fake news came to dominate the agenda in 2016, by the news editor of Cracked.
Yes. (And I cringe whenever I hear 'citizen journalists') ... s-in-2016/" onclick=";return false;
By Abernathy
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This is a quite brilliant and very interesting blog entry from Paul Richards looking in detail at Emily Maitlis' extraordinary opening to Newsnight yesterday, and why it was so effective.

Absolutely fascinating. ... 246913eb8a
By Malcolm Armsteen
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And in the comments
I haven’t read the judgement but the whole thing smacks of being a political decision. Judges can easily reason backwards from a gut decision to provide a legal rationale and I would be interested to know Judge Rice Collins’s background and affiliations.
No racist dogwhistles there, then.
By Andy McDandy
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#636432 ... 63374ec6b8

Interesting piece on sexism and the "lad culture" in the workplace, and the damage it does.
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