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By LuciusAR
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I saw kick ass last week and absolutely loved it. I just knew afterwards that Tookey would be up on his soapbox about it.

I was amused by the following quote though.

The movie's writers want us to see Hit-Girl not only as cool, but also sexy...Paedophiles are going to adore her.

Really? Well I'll bow to his superior knowledge of such things then. :roll:

On matters of Film Reviewing we should all remember that Tookey gave both Love Actually and the Spielberg War or the Worlds remake 5 stars each. On that basis alone he should never be allowed near a film premier again.
By The Red Arrow
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Paedophiles are going to adore her.

The tit does realise that he works for a publication with a somewhat unhealthy Suri Cruise fixation?
By cycloon
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Somehow I get the feeling paedophiles wouldn't like the idea of having to deal with an 11 year old that can kill them in a split second....
By Mailydail
To be fair to the guy, a hell of a lot of the films he has "turkeyed" are absolute toss.
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well yes, its not like he's wrong about everything, but if you hate stuff consistantly enough you are going to hate things that are genuinely crap as well.
just like paul ross will regularly rate films that are actually half decent.


dear god i think i just had an idea for a review show.
By Mr Mordon
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Like i've said, there is nothing wrong with ripping a film to shreads if its totally naff. The problem with Tookey is his constant moralistic judgement on films, irrespective of their quality:
This quote about 'I love Philip Morris' is a classic example:
Some people are going to flinch at the gay sex scenes, which are surprisingly explicit for a mainstream comedy. But you don’t need to be homophobic to hate Carrey’s character

But it always helps!

Or this set of 'key words' for his review of 'Demons and Angels':

By Lord Brett
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Tookey's been doling out this crap for years. Back in the 90s I used to be a film journalist and quickly came to the conclusion that this idiot was only allowed near films was because he'd slavishly follow his paper's editorial line.

It was rather annoying that he could make a good living writing shit about a subject he seemed to know or care nothing about while I wound up forced by poverty to work in a twatting building society!
By Mailydail
The stuff you were churning out must have been pretty awful then.
By Lord Brett
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Mailydail wrote:The stuff you were churning out must have been pretty awful then.

The magazine I worked on was based in Huddersfield. Made it kinda hard to network in the film biz. I might have been shit, though - I don't dare read my old stuff just in case.
By LuciusAR
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Blimey he's released a riposte to his critics, read on to the bottom for the details.

This particular paragraph:

Do these people really think these are just normal words and ideas for an 11 year-old to come up with? There is nothing naive or asexual about the writers of Kick-Ass, and anyone who thinks otherwise is simply a fool. And if the Kick-Ass fans think these observations are proof of my filthy-mindedness, rather than the film-makers’, I’m afraid there’s no reasoning with them.

Is just plain unbelievable. And he has the audacity to say his critics can't be reasoned with.

I don't know about you but at my school I think Cock and Cunt where a standard part of my playground vocab at 11, and yes Mr Tookey if you look at these images....


A fairly normal school girl uniform thats she wears to fool the henchmen by making her look helpless and innocent.


A superhero costume where she really couldnt be wearing more clothes if she tried.

....and your first thought is 'Jail Bait' then im afraid it is you who has the problem. Seek help.

Incidentally I don't think many Pedophiles will fantasise about a young girl who will rip your throat out, without a second thought, if you so much as give her so much as an unpleasant look. She sounds more like a Pedophiles nightmare to me.
By 5cc
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His defence is so weak - he focuses on the sexualisation of violence rather than his claim that Hit Girl is made to look seductive - and then he talks about the films 'symbolic structure' as if it's not his subjective view that the imagery is phallic in the violence because guns, knives and a bazooka is used.

Besides, if that's his defence, then presumably he gave Harry Brown all those stars because he liked the imagery of Michael Caine being sexually aggressive toward younger men with a gun that symbolised his cock.

He'd have done better if he kept quiet.
By IanC
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The whole point is that it isn't normal ideas for a 11 year old to be coming up with, her father' (Big Daddy) back story explains it very well if you're not an idiot.
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