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By KevS
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Surely some of those commenting must have children or grandchildren who have also taken those exams. If they've done well, do they get the same response from the Mailite relations?

If so, worra a bunch of fuckers.
Can you imagine?

Young and excited Anna calls her Nan to tell her how well she's done in her GCSE.

Nan answers the phone and listens to Anna gush about her A's and how hard she worked to get them...

Nan responds:

"Utter rubbish. The education system has been ripped apart, they don't care about excellence only ticking boxes and 'inclusivity'."
Their kids are labouring away learning real things and succeeding properly despite the system

Your kids are slackers taking advantage, and probably getting extra marks for being brown, Muslim and having a fake disease.

They've more compartments than IKEA.
And it never, ever crosses their mind that what is happening is what they are always that teacher are teaching and pupils are learning to the best of their abilities
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In my more generous moments, I've been known to ascribe such bitterness as the outworking of self pity. The self-pity derived from the belief that they are right, and have done right, yet aren't the world-beaters they think they should be. Anyone getting on in life, therefore, must be cheating, or the game is rigged.

They're the children of Thatcherism, colonial nostalgia and exceptionalism, and fool enough to believe the promised rewards were promised to them.
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