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By Kreuzberger
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Germany. Cheese revenue per capita: 128 U$D p/a.
Japan. Cheese revenue per capita: 16 U$D p/a.

There's the futility of Brexit for you.
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By youngian
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Today its Farage’s Kiwi mate dissing the shambles that is Brexit Britain. Apart from Trump, Winston Peters is about the only person serving in an allied government that supports this crock of shit (Putin doesn’t count as he supports Brexit knowing its a disaster).
Asked what New Zealand offered the UK as a trading partner, he replied: "We offer first of all a country that is match fit for trade deals."

"We are seriously match fit for that in a way I don't think the UK is, because the UK's been locked up in the EU all these years," he added.

"In terms of their trading skills and finesse, and their firepower - without being critical, they've never had an outing lately, they've never had a test, so to speak".

"It's like coming into an Ashes contest when you haven't played for thirty years".

"We believe we're totally match fit and ready to go - we just need the British to realise that you can do more than one trade deal at a time."

How many of Britain’s experienced trade negotiators are still in the job following EU exit? Fucked if I would after seeing your life’s work flushed down the toilet to pursue a fantasy.
By The Red Arrow
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Never go full comment.
(BTW in case you weren't aware, the EU has grown its total trade since the referendum by more than the sum of all the trade it does with the UK. So while it will of course want to keep trading with us as much as is commercially feasible, in a sense we've already been replaced!)
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