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By Boiler
Megalomax wrote:
Sat Sep 14, 2019 7:58 pm
It was a bit shit. It was all I had on my ‘phone at the time :oops:
To be fair, I thought it was a bit of battered cod draining at your local chippy!
By Boiler
Oh, I can sense the foam around the mouths of newspaper editors now....

Just watching the second episode of BBC 2's Rise Of The Nazis. You can tell the scriptwriter had current affairs in their mind when they wrote:

"It's January 1933, and Germany has a new Chancellor. He refuses to engage in the boring day to day detail of running a country, he has no interest in the opinions of experts and refuses to read briefings. Instead, he tasks his team with a simple assignment; destroy democracy, and make him dictator."
By Safe_Timber_Man
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I do wish Brexiters would stop invoking the war. It's so completely embarrassing to witness:

'We saved Luxembourg in the war!' Iain Duncan Smith leads Brexiteer attack on 'rude' Xavier Bettel over extraordinary snub to Boris Johnson ... hnson.html

The usual amount of intelligence on display from the Mailites:

Irishdad, High Wycombe, United Kingdom, 2 hours ago
Luxembourg are nothing! They contribute nothing and are irrelevant!
+411 -59
Bryn.Boy, London, United Kingdom, 3 hours ago
What have Luxembourg done and contributed to the world. I know your struggling like me.
+355 -31
Zone 9, Formerly the, United Kingdom, 2 hours ago
Luxembourg receives the most EU benefits payments per person, of all EU countries. It's a charity case.
+339 -33
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By Bones McCoy
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History Today:

Luxemburg was liberated twice during the second world war.

The Germans initially withdrew without defending the country, though suffering attacks form Luxemburgish resisters.

Parts of the country were again overrun during Germany's "Battle of the bulge" offensive.
Those parts of the country was liberated a second time by the counterattacking American third army.

Postwar Luxemburg abandoned its policy of neutrality and committed troops to the allied occpation forces in Germany.

History Today II

You see that Ian Duncan Smith.
He never fought a Jerry in his life.
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