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Tubby Isaacs wrote:
Fri Dec 20, 2019 9:57 pm

I'm no expert on Judaism, but isn't the Chief Rabbi an Orthodox Jew?
Shraga Stern is not surprisingly a nasty piece of work. ... avage-myth
Stern made his own contribution to interfaith dialogue when he appeared alongside Muslim parents protesting against LGBT equality lessons in Birmingham schools. His statement deserves examination. It was not just that he saw a plot by “LGBT lobbyists” to push the “indoctrination and sexualising of kids”. He ended with a call to fight for the freedom “to educate the children the way we were educated”.

Ideally, the “education” he favours for Hasidic children entails no secular teaching beyond a grasp of basic English and no sex education – so that teenagers are more easily pushed into arranged marriages and girls don’t know that marital rape is rape.

As a system of theocratic control, it’s hard to beat. Even if the young want to risk the psychological trauma of cutting themselves off from family and friends, who would shun them, how will they live? They can’t go to university. They are unqualified for all but menial jobs.

Yehudis Fletcher, an orthodox Jew from the anti-extremist Nahamu thinktank, says escape is almost impossible to contemplate. If you’re a man you are fit only to study the Talmud and, if a woman, you’re fit only to serve your husband and provide him with children – lots of them. Fletcher campaigns against deplorable standards in ultra-orthodox faith schools, forced marriages and child abuse, which in a breaking of the code of silence has led to Hasidic men being jailed. (So much for “sexualising kids”.)

She knew Stern when she worked in the East End construction business. The notion that he was a socialist sent her off into bitter laughter. As well as his attitudes to women and same-sex relationships, she suggested Labour should check out how migrant workers were treated on London sites – just to be on the safe side.

I could hazard a guess about what Stern wants from Labour. Fletcher has her own thoughts: “He wants Corbyn to treat extremist Jews the same way he treats extremist Muslims.” No more talk of mandatory sex education in religious schools. No more attempts to stop children being brought up in oppressive isolation
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