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By Cyclist
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Well, yes. Understandable really. Any racist being served food by a person of darker hue in the current climate is going to be naturally suspicious.

Normal people would just accept the delay and get on with their lives.
By Bones McCoy
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Several years ago I had a cycling season fomr hell in which I failed to put on any speed during spring training.
Then IO got a cough that woudn't go away and went to the GP.
A couple of capacity tests later and I got the Asthma diagnosts, with 6 monthly reviews, priority autumn flu jab and brown and blue inhalers.

I had never suffered an asthma attack, so while I used the brown inhaler morning and night, the blue-un went largely untouched.
I think I gave myself a squirt a coupe of years back when I bonked on a steep climb, and didn't notice any benefit.

Fast forward to Covid and the year's hottest day.
I've gained some 30 lbs during lockdown, and noticed a distinct slowing down when walking some of the local steep hills.
It's morning before the day starts cooking, and I head outside with the tiny goblin to take a hedge trimmer to the unkempt mess beside the house.
Lots of up and down a stepladder, and lugging a new heavy electric trimmer, sweating heavily and thankful for a fit young son who can rake up and bun the debris.

Back indoors, wrists and shoulders are aching like buggery.
By lunchtime the temperature's up, and I'm finding breathing a bit harder than usual - no wheezing, but it's quite a conscious drag to draw a deep breath.
This is the day, I tell myself, and reach for the blue dispenser.
It has a different action to the brown one, shooting off after a slight suck (Maaatron!!), as opposed to push-down like the brown.
The first go seems to misfire, so I take another. Best be safe, I take another couple of draws.

10 minutes later, and I'm breathing without trouble, and enjoying taking massive lungfuls of warm garden air.
What's more I'm feeling much more alert than usual.
The problem comes at bedtime, when I'm buzzing about with excess energy, finally turning in at 02:00.

Today, 3 days later, I aim my walk up the steepest hill in the neighbourhood, and have no problem skipping to the top, pulling the sort of breaths I've not managed for many years.
This is amazing (I can see why Froome climbed so fast).

I guess time will tell whether the miracle was due to such sparing use of the bluey, that when I went for it, It delivered with interest.
Also need to figure whether I should be using it more frequently then in the past.
I'd clearly got used to a reduced lung capacity and accepted it as normal.

Thanks for reading this far, I'm looking forward to a somewhat more intense exercise regime now.
Praise Odin for the NHS.

I'm doing my very best not to laugh here...

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