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By oboogie
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Abernathy wrote:
Sun Aug 02, 2020 12:05 pm
Malcolm's gone insane ! He's barbecuing his family !

Somebody call the cops, quick !
Sod the cops, I'm gonna get me some baps and scoot over to Malcolm's to get me some longpig.
By Oblomov
Morning all,

Thankfully, Oblomova's mother will be heading home this lunch time. As wonderful & important as it was for them to see each other, the current conditions make any house guest's welcome a short one. And she's not even that bad as fussy, overbearing Italian matriarchs go!

Landlord got paid building insurance for the water damage to our wells, hooray! But he wants to proceed with renovations sharpish so he's asking us if we can pack all our stuff up and look to stay elsewhere for the duration. Ah stress.

Finally did my COVID-19 antibodies test yesterday, was a negative result. Though I'm still skeptical about the accuracy of the data, I am still surprised at that given the population density of my commute and where I live, also that big massive pub piss up I rather foolishly went to on 14th March. Still, always good to exercise more caution eh?

EDIT: I promised a link to the study last week, here it is -

It says registrations are closed alas but my details were randomly pulled from my GP's contact database so maybe contacting them to say you're interested might get one sent your way?
By Malcolm Armsteen
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Morning Obbz, morning everybody.

Interesting result. I'm going to wait a few days after yesterday (double-bubble BBQ) and then request an infection test, hopefully followed up by an antibody test later.

The barbecue was great, being with fam and all the grandkids. Took loads of lovely informal portraits, but my assurances to the kids mean that I can't publish them here - but they are on my Flickr account for friends and family.

I gave my old Nikon D5200 and a collection of lenses to Spike - she seemed quite pleased by that! The only condition was that she allows me to teach her to use it. Which reminds me - if Safe Timber Bloke is reading, how have things gone with your Nikon?

Going to have a quiet day today, cleaning up the barbecue and eating cold, burned sausages.

Be safe, lieblings.
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By crabcakes_windermere
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I am also eating cold burnt sausages, but AFAIK I'm not a member of Malc's family - we just had my folks over for a barbecue too and, as is traditional, cooked sufficient food for another 8 family members who didn't show up on account of not being invited or indeed existing.

I'm also officially covid-free so far, as Mrs CW had a test the other week relating to her work (rather than any suspicion of illness) and that came back negative. Which has led to the strange result of being slightly disappointed, as now I know I still have zero immunity to it, so have to be wary of the increasing number of dickheads.
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