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By Nigredo
Malcolm Armsteen wrote: Thu Dec 16, 2021 1:47 pm Indeed.

Mrs A went to Wimbledon today and reports that there were massive queues for the walk-in centre, and I hear that others had big queues by 7:30am.

The public, by and very large, are not of the Tory headbanger persuasion.
Is that the one in Centre Court shopping centre? I had my booster there last month and the whilst the queue was sizable (mostly due to the request that those jabbed wait 15 minutes before being released) it was a fairly slick operation, I can only imagine the stress and pressure the poor souls in there are under now.

Unrelated to Brenda's decision, I cancelled a trip up to Leeds to see my sister to prioritize spending Christmas with our father. A bag of pork toenails washed down with a pint of Timothy Taylor's Landlord can wait until things have become a bit more sensible again.
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By Malcolm Armsteen
Yes it is, and when I was there last Friday the queues were very large and they were taking appointments only after about 11am.

Incidentally, when we were working that day all but one customer was masked, the exception being male, east European and very macho. The twat.
By The All New KevS
Brenda has undoubtedly played a blinder on this. She's apparently still unsure about the right thing to do on Christmas Day itself, as are we all.

Interesting to note that the Mail wasn't accepting comments on their story reporting her decision. I suspect that a horde of knuckleheads calling Her Maj woke, weak, easily scared, whatever, was even too much for them to accept.
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