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By Cyclist
Don't read too much into the overnight stay. This isn't the Luton and Dunstable they're talking about. It's a very exclusive, very expensive hotel with added medical facilities. If we had the money we could check ourselves in for a night or two, for a check over by a very expensive doctor and a therapeutic dip in the swindle bath.
By The All New KevS
Twas ever thus with the Royals though. Appreciate it was 70 years ago but George VI went swiftly from "bit under the weather" to dead very quickly. His lung cancer was never made public beforehand, I believe.

Saying that though, I suspect it would be a little bit different now. When Pope JP2 hopped the twig there were constant updates on his health - going from "seriously ill" to "gravely ill" to "nearing his end". I suppose though on the other hand, the Palace wouldn't want speculation and fuss on what is, let's face it, a private matter.

I don't think there's any cause for over concern here - as everyone is saying, she is halfway through her 96th year after all.
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By Watchman
I think it’s a case of keep the mystic/ deity till the very end….”it’s what the people would want” says Nicholas Witchall
By The All New KevS
Oboogie wrote: Fri Oct 22, 2021 12:08 pm
The All New KevS wrote: Fri Oct 22, 2021 11:55 am the Palace wouldn't want speculation and fuss on what is, let's face it, a private matter.
I don't know what happens to the NHS principle of patient confidentiality when it comes to the Queen.
It'd be the Palace providing updates though, not the NHS. It's no different if you've been told by the hospital how somebody is, and then you announce it to the world. The NHS has provided the information to you as a family member/friend/whatever. What you choose to do with that info is not their concern.
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