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By Tubby Isaacs
Am I noticing a few more missteps?

Here an SNP candidate hits on something not even the Kippers have thought of.

Sturgeon too has been less sure footed than normal on borders too. Reduced to the Bozo "nobody in the SNP wants a hard border" formulation.

They'll only win by about 50 seats. You heard it here first.
By Youngian
I doubt Serbia carried much weight with Slovenes and Croats that open borders with Europe would create one with its oh so important big neighbour. Hard borders in the British Isles will become an English choice not a Scottish and Irish one who don’t want them with England. And for what? Increased food poisoning, tariff free perks for dodgy sugar cane importers and nonsense about wage depressing Polish plumbers.
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By Arrowhead
I predict anything but a "weak" set of SNP results once the next round of Scottish election results are in, just over a week from now. The SNP may have had an awkward year so far, but when faced with remaining aligned to Bozo Boris's Brexit Britain (to coin a phrase from the pre-combusted forum), I'm pretty confident Scottish voters will produce an outright majority for Sturgeon, and very possibly by a bigger margin than in 2011.

At least Scottish Labour have rid themselves of the terminally anonymous Richard Leonard, which is a step in the right direction.
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By Tubby Isaacs
Or, as some of us would put it, a bunch of people with no power or influence, have written a letter to a newspaper.

This bit's rather interesting.
generous terms should be offered to support Scotland’s budget in the challenging months of the transition before rejoining the EU.
I'm generally sceptical about vetoes in the EU, but "Hey Spain, do you want to encourage Catalonia, and pay a richer country for that privilege?" doesn't sound like a winner.
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By Bones McCoy
I don't know, but I've been told ...

That every time Boris Johnson appears on the news, the SNP gain a few more votes.
Johnson has been on the news a lot recently.

As for weakening or not, this is an issue of entrenched attitudes.
Few people will be leaving their trenches to vote for the other side.
Swings are based on how many feel the urge to turn out and vote (which side can get their support out).
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