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By Bones McCoy
Tubby Isaacs wrote: Mon May 10, 2021 6:21 pm I wonder if Johnson would ditch the Barnett Formula? Would saw off the legs of lots of Unionists, but he might do. If they're going anyway,
If they do abolish Barnett, they'll certainly have calculated any political cost in advance.
I don't think they have a lot to lose.
Only 6 (or was it 5) directly elected seats at Holyrood.
They'll still creep close to 25% with the D'Hondt list seats.

The biggest threat to the Tory list seats would be a Labour resurgence.
Maybe Sawwar Jr, can work some magic outside his Glasgow South manor.
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By Arrowhead
Tubby Isaacs wrote: Fri May 14, 2021 12:44 pm Good Labour effort in Airdrie and Shotts (Westminster). But you aren't beating the SNP on tactical voting if they get nearly 47%.
Agreed, not a bad showing given the wider circumstances right now. Something to give a bit of encouragement to Sarwar.

Airdrie & Shotts was one of several constituencies that Scottish Labour only very narrowly failed to immediately win back at GE2017. There were a few places where, if they had even matched their GE2015 vote tally, they would have won back at the first attempt.
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By Tubby Isaacs
Genius logic here. Andy Burnham accused of nasty nationalism by a bloke who thinks the SNP and Scotland are the same thing. Do SNP politicians criticizing Westminster mean England then?

With the added twist that apparently Burnham is doing this as a stunt to win a leadership contest he won't be running in.

(Yeah, I know Bozo's still in charge forever and he's still awful).

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