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By Malcolm Armsteen
The accident was caused by poorly-laid, light track, plus the high centre of gravity of the boiler, added to flexing caused by attempts to lighten the weight of the frames. On other lines, such as the LBSCR and (tested) on the LMS they were fine.

And if that's not a metaphor for Brexit nothing is...
By Bones McCoy
The All New KevS wrote: Fri Sep 24, 2021 10:20 pm I see we might be going grovelling to HGV drivers in the EU to help us out, despite us treating them and their families like dirt.

So, er, what happens when they tell us to get stuffed?
If, as some claim, there's a continent wide driver shortage - there's going to be a bidding war.
If, as others believe, this is a Brexit exclusive - there's going to be a bidding war.
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By kreuzberger
Bones McCoy wrote: Fri Sep 24, 2021 11:21 pm If, as some claim, there's a continent wide driver shortage - there's going to be a bidding war.
If, as others believe, this is a Brexit exclusive - there's going to be a bidding war.
As always, the picture is nuanced. Yes, there are plenty of vacancies right across the EU for qualified delivery folk but that is different from actual shortages which, by definition, means that the system can't run as intended, let alone optimally.

Throughout the EU, there has been double-digit growth in online sales since Covid hit, especially in the little-and-often groceries and hot food sectors. Someone has to deliver that. The growth in personal/household savings has also fuelled the online furniture market - big stuff and someone has to deliver that, too. Then there are housing starts which are now roaring back before the cheap credit markets tighten as forecast. That's a lot of raw materials which need to be humped the length and breadth of the continent.

So, duh, of course there are vacancies and wages are on the increase.

On the face of it, it is fanciful to think that the UK can attract short-term workers from the EU. Regardless of the hostile environment - and I am not sure how much saliency that has outside the UK - who in their right mind would come in and put down the necessary roots for some semblance of normal life, only to be subject to the whims of another short-term rule change and Patel's Damoclesian sword?

Sure, a few lads will pick up the offer, sleep in their cabs for three months, save Radio 4's precious Twithmas, and fuck off home with enough money to build a house in rural Silesia. Neither will there be enough of them, nor will they represent anything other than a can kicked down the road.
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By Youngian
Brexiters are blaming the BBC for the forecourt queues claiming they’re sensationalising the issue. ‘Hold my beer,’ replied Murdoch. Even the Mail’s sticking the boot in.
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By Watchman
The next Littledick imagines; a gang of lorry drivers from Düsseldorf come over and pitch up in Birmingham, and we follow their “hilarious” adventures as they try to understand what’s great about GB; we could call it something like Yams Alright, Mine Herr!
By Oboogie
Government line is "there are no petrol shortages". I've never tried rocking up at a refinery and asking them for £50 worth of diesel, I buy my fuel from forecourts in my home town and, since Thursday's No.10 "Don't Panic!!" announcement, I can't find any. That's a shortage.

This is another Johnson dead cat reminiscent of lifting lockdown in May 2020 and telling people not to go to the beach. Subsequent spike in COVID cases is then the silly public's fault, nothing to do with Boris.

Today the plan is to blame the shortages of food and fuel, not on Johnson or Brexit, but the silly public and the media. If the PM tells people not to panic, he's admitting there's a problem and anyone who needs a functioning motor vehicle will take sensible precautions.
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