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By Cyclist
Sanity gains the upper hand in Switzerland

Swiss voters have firmly backed the law behind the country’s Covid pass in a referendum, following a tense campaign that saw unprecedented levels of hostility.

Early results on Sunday showed about two-thirds of voters supported the law, with market researchers GFS Bern projecting 63% backing.

The police fenced off the seat of government and parliament in Bern in anticipation of protests.

Results from 16 of Switzerland’s 26 cantons showed 61.9% had voted in favour of the law, on a 64% turnout...

https://amp.theguardian.com/world/2021/ ... ficate-law
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By zuriblue
kreuzberger wrote: Sun Nov 28, 2021 8:07 pm That will likely narrow because the goat-shagger peasant highlands will be the last to declare.

Let's see how keen they are on their representative democracy once the dust settles.
They're all in and it finished 62% - 38%. Only Appenzell Inner Rhoden and Schwyz voted no. The turnout was very high by Swiss standards at 64%

Health minister Alain Berset (SP - Social Democrats) is telling the anti-vaxxers to accept their defeat but they're already whining about the wording of the question. (they had wanted to word the question much more inflammatorily but the Federal Chancellery told them to get fucked. Perhaps they didn't quite use those exact words but next time they should. )

Hopefully that's an end to my feed being clogged up by interminal ads from the Blocherjugend (Young SVP) pushing the proposal. I've probably done myself no favours by laugh reacting every one that I've seen.
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By Oblomov
Also it'd be easier than going overboard and having to roll some of it back then trying to trying to drag everyone along into compliance when there's already been slack on the leash.
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By Boiler
The All New KevS wrote: Mon Nov 29, 2021 4:11 pm "Why isn't there a mask mandate in hospitality? "

Javid doesn't answer.

"How is this going to be enforced, and who is going to enforce it?"

Javid doesn't answer.

Useless. Better to do too much and be wrong rather than too little.
You have to take the public along with you though and if what I see in supermarkets is anything to go by, it'll be difficult to get any real compliance again. I think Professor Whitty said as much the other day:

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/articl ... inter.html

(apologies for the source, but)
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By Cyclist
While wading through the illiterate shite of the local FB group I find the caahncil offices are being used as a walk-in centre tomorrow, so I can make a minor detour after work and get my booster jab.
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