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By Boiler
Youngian wrote: Sun May 09, 2021 4:03 pm
No, not back then... an incredibly thick Fenland dialect. Where I came from was closer to Peterborough (it did have an accent, now lost) in its sound, but still very different. Once upon a time I could tell Ely from the rest: Cambridge still has an accent.

The Peterborough accent used to be very consistent with its geography; Fenland with a bit of East Midlands. Can’t say the decline of regional accents has dominated my list of wrongs to be righted.
I lament the loss of regional dialects to the ugly and glottal "Estuary English". Peterborough's "New Town" status hastened its accent's demise with the influx of Londoners.

It is however, perhaps better suited to a thread of its own.
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By Boiler
Speaking of London accents, there was a fascinating programme on Radio 4 a few years ago where Kenneth Cranham (I think) charted the decline of traditional North and South London accents. I knew someone who was born somewhere near Beckenham and had the best example of a traditional South London accent imaginable.
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By Boiler
Oh, hello?

Jonathon Seed: Conservative PCC candidate barred after offence emerges

A candidate running to be Wiltshire's next Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) has been disbarred after a historical driving offence emerged.

Jonathon Seed was the Conservative Party's candidate to replace fellow Tory Angus Macpherson. A party spokesperson confirmed Mr Seed had been disbarred, while Mr Seed told the BBC he had withdrawn himself.

Vote counting for the PCC post is due to start in Salisbury at 10:00 GMT on Monday and is set to go ahead. If Mr Seed wins the vote, another election will need to be held.
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By Arrowhead
Tubby Isaacs wrote: Sun May 09, 2021 8:15 pm Handy win for Tracy Brabin. Some good mayoralties generally.

Well done Starmer for losing your shit over the most anomalous region. (Even the West Midlands is better than 2019).
Good news, but doesn't that mean another problematical Red Wall by-election, this time in Batley & Spen?
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By Tubby Isaacs
The Con plus sundry Kippers tally is 51.4% v Brabin's Labour 42.7%

That's less bad than Hartlepool 53.4 v Mike Hill's Labour 37.4%

Intriguingly, the main Kipper wasn't running for the Brexit Party, but Heavy Woollen District Independents. I don't know if he's running again or whether his votes are easily transferable to the Tories. They run a few candidates in some local councils, so perhaps he's already licking his lips at the chance to build his group's profile in a by election. He's presumably not shy if he ran in the seat in 2019.

(I'd never heard of them till just now either).
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