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Photo-op for the local rag from the Wakefield dissidents: ‘Starmer spurned our candidate choices, claim scruffy lefties.’
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I noticed that Labour's tactic of running lots of 2010 losers in 2015 in the same seats didn't go very well. Perhaps came across as arrogant, as if reclaiming rightful place or something.

Could running the defeated MP's assistant be seen like that? If anyone notices, maybe it could. Depends if Mr Lexiter runs as independent and makes an issue of it, I suppose.
Could do, Mary Creagh was generally well liked though, probably more a victim of circumstances.

I was a bit sad that she didn’t run again.

Evidently it seems like they’ve given up on one running both on the same day, I assume that message about the pact is probably what they want to go after. Another sex offender in the Tory party happening in the background won’t help mind.

Tractor porn bloke may run as independent so that’s probably that seat gone to the Liberals if he does.
If I'm reading this correctly (I'm not remotely a betting man, so it's perfectly possible I am misreading the numbers), but it looks as if Labour are currently on a 93% chance of winning the Wakefield by-election on June 23rd :o

https://smarkets.com/event/42686871/pol ... y-election

The same site seems to suggest a 78% chance of a Lib Dem victory in the Tiverton & Honiton by-election on the same date.
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