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By Spoonman
There was a time at least back in the 00's when wherever I agreed with him or not, Galloway at least came across as a competent orator which if nothing else I kind of respect him for (his appearance at Capitol Hill being the most notable), and I might have been able to overlook his Celeb BB antics on the basis that it was just part of an entertainment show - but not long after that he's descended gradually down the gutter, firstly by using what reputation he had left alongside inflaming certain sectarian tensions where he stood in elections but once that well dried up he's become little more than the left hand side of the lunatic fringe and little more than a joke for the last few years. Seeing him throwing his toys out of his pram by being labelled as "Russian state affiliated media" by threatening to sue when he's a presenter of a show on a TV station directly funded by the Russian state is predictable but none the less a good chuckle to see - par for course for Galloway these days, though.

He's best described by of all people Frankie Boyle years ago on Mock The Week - on the "Scenes We'd Like To See" round the topic was "Things George Galloway would never say" - Frankie went straight in with "No Comment!" :lol:
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By Spoonman
Former British MP plans to sue Twitter in Dublin over Russian label

George Galloway’s lawyers tell social media firm they intend to take case in High Court

Lawyers for former British MP George Galloway have told Twitter that he intends to sue the firm in the High Court in Dublin over his account being labelled “Russian state-affiliated media”.

KRW Law, the Belfast law practice that is representing Mr Galloway, wrote to Twitter’s European head office in Dublin on Tuesday telling the social media company that they intend to issue High Court proceedings over the label attached to his Twitter account.

The former MP’s radio programme The Mother of All Talk Shows has been broadcast on Russian state-owned Radio Sputnik service and can also be viewed online on YouTube. ... -1.4862706

I've my doubts this will get very far.
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