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The urban relocators can fuck right off and enjoy the decline and deprivation they forced on many a rural town.

When I moved here in 1987 we had three car dealerships, three banks, a big post office, hairdressers, a motor factors, a good cycle shop, a baker and a supermarket plus two chemists. Even had a church clock that struck the hour, and a forge. Yes, a forge. Then, thanks to Thatcher's investment in ECML electrification, the "sparks effect" saw where I live become a commuter's haven.

Now we have no banks, no post office, no cash machines, no car dealerships, no motor factors, one chemist, no cycle shop, no baker and the forge is now a housing estate of 'executive' homes. The church clock doesn't strike any more because out-of-towners complained about it. But we do have endless twee places to eat and drink (including a 'cakery' - is that even a real word, FFS?), a gym, a hand car wash, a load of takeaways - even someone who'll make a cast of your baby's feet. The local TV and radio shop has just survived on repairs and selling non-Chinese shit LED lightbulbs.
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Birmingham was second only to London for the creation of new jobs between 1951 and 1961, and unemployment rarely exceeded 1% between 1948 and 1966. By 1961, household incomes in the West Midlands were 13% above the national average, exceeding even London and the South East. However, the incoming Labour government of 1964 sought to control what it saw as a "threatening situation", most notably by extending the Control of Office Employment Act 1965, to the Birmingham conurbation in 1965.
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https://www.channel4.com/press/news/cha ... ness-leeds

It's a small step but still appreciated. Probably a token gesture unless they decide to move parliament to a more sensible, central location like Birmingham.
Youngian wrote:
Has anyone who bangs on about the Islington elites actually been to the borough? Its rough even by post-war Jerry built council estate standards.
I worked there, and lived just on the Camden side of the border.
Move stuff out of London / Move stuff into London seems to be a cyclic thing.
Before I was little a series of "New towns" were created to relieve pressure on London.
Experiments have also seen bits of the Civil service pared off and sent elsewhere.

More recently we've seen social policy, with some boroughs relocating benefit cases to far-away towns.
Social cleansing perhaps?

On the other side we have an instinct for massive centralization.
For example young people entering many careers face a bleak "move to London or stagnate" choice.
OK if you fancy a few years in the smoke, and the bank of Mum and Dad can see you right for respectable digs.
A bit of a hurdle for many form lower income backgrounds.

To be honest, I don't have a formula to rightsize London and keep everything ticking over sensibly.
However we should be big enough to take a few lessons form abroad.
1. Look at countries without a primate city (great term). You'll often find better governance and stronger communities.
2. Remove the incentives for regional businesses to create a London HQ - this regularly results in a slide to an all London board, sale to a larger competitor and the regional site closing for economies of scale.
3. When you push people a bit further out of London, push their jobs with them - don't condemn them to a longer and longer commute.

No Idea how you encourage this, let alone enforce it.
That feeling of not having all the answers.
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Boiler wrote: Thu Apr 22, 2021 1:13 pm Now we have no banks, no post office, no cash machines, no car dealerships, no motor factors, one chemist, no cycle shop, no baker and the forge is now a housing estate of 'executive' homes.
How would depopulation have sustained these businesses?
The town has grown in size since I moved here - but being a dormitory town, many of the residents did all their business away from it. Hence the losses.

It's astonishing that a town this size has no post office in its centre, so now I have to get a bus to the next village to use the Post Office.
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