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By Tubby Isaacs
The heavyweight pundits are rolling in. Surely the story here is the terrifying number of young voters Le Pen has. It's really not that unusual for the left to win with young voters, anywhere. Nor has it been for ages. Here for instance is centrist Blairite Tony Blair winning the youth vote in 2005 very easily.


Note to the attempt to bank every vote for Labour, as a vote for "Corbyn" and "socialism".

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By Tubby Isaacs
Le Pen speaking now. Hilariously having a pop at Macron for being divisive.

Talking about "Emmanuel Macron's elites". This is her non elite Dad, from whom she inherited a political party.
In 1977, Le Pen inherited a fortune from Hubert Lambert (1934–1976), son of the cement industrialist Leon Lambert (1877–1952), one of three sons of Lambert Cement founder Hilaire Lambert. Hubert Lambert was a political supporter of Le Pen and a monarchist as well.[11] Lambert's will provided 30 million francs (approximately €5 million) to Le Pen, as well as his opulent three-storey 11-room mansion at 8 Parc de Montretout, Saint-Cloud, in the western suburbs of Paris. The home had been built by Napoleon III for his chief of staff Jean-François Mocquard
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By Tubby Isaacs
That's actually a decent effort by the Melenchon voters.
Turnout at 5pm stands at 63.2%, accoring to the interior ministry – that’s 1.8% lower than during the first round, and 2.1% down on the second round five years ago.

For the time being this doesn’t look like the surge in abstentions that some had feared.
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By Tubby Isaacs
Luckily, Macron can draw on advice from a formidable group of proven winners.
Ségolène Royal, the Socialist candidate defeated by Nocolas Sarkoy in 2007, warns of trouble ahead for Macron if he does not take into account the nature of his victory:

I think that the French have been deprived of a true choice. It would be a serious mistake on the part of Emmanuel Macron to consider that this re-election means that he can continue carrying out the same policy, in the same manner, for the next five years.
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