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By mattomac
The Weeping Angel wrote: Thu Sep 23, 2021 3:52 pm Wow you've got him there Ellie.

I attended a session delivered by Ellie on framing at one of those Labour events for Open Labour.

Let’s just say as someone who learnt framing and language at University I was gobsmacked how fucking awful it really was.

Another of the Corbyn lot like Owen Jones who think they are actually clever. They sort of remind me of the Trumps and the likes of Kushner.
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By Andy McDandy
I once attended a training course on effective Internet searching, by some chancer. His amazing technique was to type in an entire question, such as "what is the capital of France?" into Google.

He was delivering this to an audience of librarians who took it all in in silence, then went back to work.

That sort of level of awful?
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By Boiler
Well, this'll please the likes of Fenton and his "regular contributors".


"Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner has indicated that proposed changes to the way the party's leader is elected have been shelved."

"Mish Rahman, a member of the NEC and Momentum's national co-ordinating group, said: "The central measure of Keir Starmer's attack on democracy has comprehensively failed. The electoral college is dead.

"Now to make sure all the other regressive rule changes concocted by the leadership share the same fate.

"From trigger ballot changes to increases in the MP nomination threshold ahead, they all need to go in the bin."
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By Boiler
Labour conference: Sir Keir Starmer sets up battle over party reforms

Activist group Momentum called the rule change "an MP veto by the backdoor", adding: "Handing this much power to a Westminster elite is the opposite of democracy".
<fx: bows head, holds in hands>

Is the PLP heading for a re-run of 1983 with this lot?
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