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By Oblomov
Samanfur wrote: Mon Apr 19, 2021 4:35 pm Compare and contrast:

Sir Keir Starmer kicked out of pub and Boris Johnson appears to forget name of Tory incumbent on difficult day of campaigning
When I lived in Bath, The Raven had local fame for the quality of its pies and home-brewed ales. I am sad I will now have hesitance about going back next time I'm in the area.

Then again, the west country is littered with these old school boozers that pretty much speak Essex Man opinions through a wurzerlizer, but hold extra pretentious pride at not being a brewery shill for commercial lager so I'm not entirely surprised that the landlord here is a COVID denier.
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By Oblomov

Seems he wasn't happy that Starmer has been limp opposition so far, I'm fairly sure Starmer has raised the question about why the pandemic preparations were dismantled at PMQs and Johnson predictably fobbed him off with a non-answer?
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By Samanfur
That and a clash of the 24-hour news cycle needing something to fill it, and this ridiculous insistence on 'balance', which means that no matter what the subject is, we always have to hear from a swivel-eyed loon, just to avoid accusations that you weren't listening to both sides of an argument. Even if the other side insisted that the sky was purple, and the Queen is fifty rabbits in a panto costume.

Personally, I like John Oliver's take on it - if you have to have a token ranter to represent the one per cent who don't believe the experts or the general consensus, then bring in 99 experts to represent the people who do.
By visage
I dont really get the idea that 'Starmer hasnt done enough to oppose'.

He's facing an 80 seat Tory majority (delivered by his predecessor), so the government can pretty much do what they want.

Add to that the effects of the pandemic, and its pretty hard to see what SKS could have done. Maybe rant a bit more about Palestine, I suppose.
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