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By Boiler
I dunno, if I'm honest. He's no firebrand, but I would expect to hear more noise about the Tory corruption that is just getting worse and worse with seemingly, no opposition. Okay, we know the Corbynites will never be satisfied until Jewemy and his acolytes are returned to power but has Starmer made an impression in those Northern seats? What I read tends to say 'no' - he's damned by his position on Brexit in the past and again, he's not seen as "working class" enough despite being of 'umbler origins than Saint bloody Jeremy was.

A part of me thinks he's just a placeman until someone better comes along - but as yet, who'd be that better?

The worst thing for this jaded old fool is that I can see Brexit dominating the political landscape for decades. "What did YOU do in the Brexit War, Daddy?", as the old poster didn't say.
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By Samanfur
As I've said to several friends of mine, Starmer's biggest flaw in my book is a resemblance to Colonel Blimp.

He's a lawyer, and I understand that he wants to play by the rules and act like a gentleman. But it only works when the other side cares about playing by the rules, as well.

He needs to take the gloves off whilst we've still got a country worth saving.

Hoyle has the same problem.
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By Boiler
Samanfur wrote: Sat Apr 17, 2021 12:14 pm He's a lawyer, and I understand that he wants to play by the rules and act like a gentleman. But it only works when the other side cares about playing by the rules, as well.
Quote from a Greek front-of-house manager during the Olympics:

"You in England have rules to obey; we have rules to break." Nowadays, that is us: always looking for the exploitable loophole for personal gain.

Take this; https://www.thelondoneconomic.com/polit ... rs-265160/

WHY would Tories vote this down? Quote from a Tory supporter elsewhere:
The question I have, on reflex, is whether this will actually do any good. I support the need to do something, and recognise that symbolism matters, but don’t what see this measure, as reported in that link, will achieve to make change.
Similarly, the Bill that has been the subject of the "Kill The Bill" protests recently (and let me tell you, that phrase - Kill The Bill - has drawn a lot of indignation from comfortably-retired Brexiter Tories who have taken it to mean "Kill the police") - why isn't more noise being made about that?

There is a MASSIVE onslaught on our civil liberties right now, and I am NOT hearing enough noise from the Party opposite about it.

Maybe they're too frightened of Murdoch and Rothermere going through their bins.
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By Nigredo
davidjay wrote: Sun Apr 18, 2021 11:29 am Sorry to repeat James O'Brien again, but he really is the one shining light in the all-enveloping darkness. Starmer is good at getting the judge onside but not so good with the jury.
Quite, the general public aren't going to be keeping record or bothered to trawl through all the documentation of all the pork haystack's mendacity. They deem the winner at PMQs to be whoever gets in the "spiciest zinger", which unfortunately Starmer seems to above to try making. Cameron excelled at getting them in against a dull and stuffy Stalin McBroon, or the gawky and geeky Red Ed Millipede.

Neil Postman foresaw this coming many decades ago.
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By The Weeping Angel
Samanfur wrote: Mon Apr 19, 2021 4:35 pm Compare and contrast:

Sir Keir Starmer kicked out of pub and Boris Johnson appears to forget name of Tory incumbent on difficult day of campaigning
Pub landlord is a Covied denier plus he manhandled a female member of staff and the owner of the Pub has apologised to Starmer.
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