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By mattomac
Considering the news of a reinvestigation came as a surprise to Labour just before a weekend I’m glad he took three days, he needed to know the whys and whether what Labour had would be able to challenge that.

Johnson and the cabinet spent months claiming there weren’t any gatherings and if there were all rules were followed, ignoring the cake for a minute which is an excuse to make them look good and handy before the big fines arrive for say the party in the basement, they spent 3 months spinning that, with veiled source threats towards the Met, BBC, ITV and leaked Sue Gray sources that downplayed her report, only when Sue Gray evidently felt it was far worse than it looked did the Met kick in, they claim Khan put pressure on but it was good stroke of luck on the timing.
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By MisterMuncher
Boiler wrote: Wed May 11, 2022 5:20 pm We're going to have to come up with a scale for stupidity - but is it "nought to Dorries" or "nought to Bridgen"?
Dorries to nought.
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