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By Crabcakes
Boiler wrote: Fri May 07, 2021 1:07 pm
Apology gladly accepted, Crabs. This must have been a hellish fifteen months for you.
I’ve had some busy periods but I can’t pretend my tiny bit of it is even in the same league as frontline care staff or researchers. What I can tell you is that despite that, a lot of them still volunteered their time to help out with developing national guidance and they genuinely are heroes.
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By Dalem Lake
Is anybody else not that bothered about the election results for Labour. I mean, of course the media are blow it all up out of all proportions, and Starmer's probably going to have to go on Marr's and eat shit from him, but was it really unexpected? In England?

I think the main problem for Labour is that the majority of people will only give a fuck if it's them personally being affected. They don't give a shit about foodbanks and the like, so long as they're doing all right. The Tory party is a party of "I'm all right, Jack", for "I'm all right, Jack"'s, and for all the soul searching Labour will do, I think they're basically stuffed until the Tories fuck up big time.

Which they will do, eventually, as populism and three-word slogans will only go so far. They've made a lot of promises to their new found support and there's still a lot of problems to deal with besides COVID. You can guarantee that Teflon Johnson will do a bunk before the shit hits the fan and it will be left to someone like Raab, Gove, or even Liz Truss :D to carry the can.

Personally, I'd be pleasantly surprised if we have a Labour government before the end of the decade, but I wouldn't be surprised if we don't. It's just the way this country seems to be now.
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By Arrowhead
I'd love to know precisely which Left MP's Mason has in mind to be ushered back into the shadow cabinet, presumably as returning heroes. RLB has clearly burned her bridges with Starmer, and even gave the impression of not being especially bothered about losing her job. I'd have Lewis back, and that is probably it. I've always quite liked McDonnell, but his time has almost certainly come and gone.

After that, I'm drawing a blank.
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