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More razor sharp analysis by Laura, who's never heard of the price cap or Ofgem. by the look of it. They can't "charge what they like" now, Laura.

Where would a nationalized energy company source its cheaper fuel? Bills could only be made much cheaper by the government subsidizing them. Guess what, we can do that now.

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Nationalisation, for the Trots, has taken on a new life well beyond simply being quite a good idea for certain service sector industries and utilities, to being the absolute knee-jerk, catch-all, article-of-faith answer to everything for the Trotskyist cult. It wouldn’t be stretching it to describe it as a rather ridiculous fetish.

Nationalisation isn’t a bad idea per se. It just isn’t the universal perfect answer to everything that the Trots think it is. :? :geek:
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Yeah when Reeves was announcing the Green fund I think last summer you got simple tweets from Beckett and the like you know what’s greener “nationalisation” and I was like how?

Of course this lot can never make the connection, to nationalise you need power, to gain power you need to compromise to compromise you need not to be such a dick.
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Thanks for this genius, Jez fans. No wonder you think Sir Keir's a hopeless sell out if you get your information from sources like this. Sadly that's pretty much everyone BTL.

You pay tax on profits, in the UK and Norway. Your profits are calculated after expenses of doing business.

In Norway, the oil field is producing now, making profits. Hence the tax payment. In the UK, the field has stopped producing. When it was in the past, it paid tax. Now it isn't it gets tax back on the cost of decommissioning. Almost certainly exactly the same thing will happen in Norway when it's decommissioned.

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