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I like Bryant, but he's straw manning here. Lawyers don't seem to have said "this will never be used". He's a bright enough man to know that the test of this is hard numbers on prosecutions compared with before, but he doesn't provide any.

No doubt there are lots of managers in the public sector who put pressure on assaulted staff to pipe down because they think the publicity of court cases will be bad. But I'd be surprised if the Police were a major problem in that. The assailants in lots of these cases will be people the Police have seen more than enough of already. Even if you think that teachers are a bunch of lefty complainers, why pass up an opportunity to go after these people they already don't like?

Then again, it's amazing anyone gets prosecuted these days with the lack of resources.
Youngian wrote: Tue May 25, 2021 4:00 pm Khalid has all the makings of a ubiquitous backbench rentagob. Takng his place amont the great Birmingham rentagob pantheons Graham Stringer, Anthony Beaumont-Dark, Jill Knight and Jess Phillips on a bad day.
Graham Stringer is an MP for Manchester. The Clean Air Zone only applies to older more polluting cars and is being put in place becasue the government want the City Council to do something about air pollution.
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