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By Malcolm Armsteen
Perhaps we need a very public purge of the toxic left. And I'd include the unutterably stupid Ed Miliband in that, as the author of a series of defeats that have hurt the most vulnerable in our society, have threatened civilised institutions and made us an international laughing stock.

Because the left unions supported him and not his successful brother...
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By Arrowhead
Boiler wrote: Fri May 07, 2021 4:03 pm Another thread worth resurrecting.
The equivalent thread on the old forum was started around 2006, and therefore probably initially consisted of chat regarding, for example, the merits of James Purnell, Ruth Kelly and Hazel Blears (each named of potential part leaders in a Guardian article around that time!).

Oh for a return to those simpler times :(
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By Samanfur
When I've seen Ed Miliband speak at conference, he always comes across very well. He's grown in confidence since his leadership, and the impression I get is that he was badly advised when it came to PR and image - if he'd been allowed to just be himself, he'd probably've come across a lot better.

That speech of Starmer's that he delivered when laying into Johnson earlier this year showed what he can do when he gets the bit between his teeth.

Unfortunately, it's probably academic now.
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By Bones McCoy
Boiler wrote: Fri May 07, 2021 4:33 pm I know that I'm not in a good headspace at the moment since I stopped taking my little helpers, but I am finding it very difficult to be optimistic about Labour's future right now and more to the point, what sort of society we are headed towards.
To put it in video game terms.
I think the Tories are camping on Labour's spawn point.
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