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By Tubby Isaacs
I think this is basically bollocks from Wren-Lewis here (who seems to have appointed himself a Covid expert). That would involved a Covid rate way lower than anywhere in Western Europe apart from the famed international crossroads that is Denmark, which funnily enough wasn't as badly hit by the Kent Variant as the UK. What would he suggest Labour say when Wales is quoted back at them (where I think the government did reasonably well)? How on earth could this attack on Johnson stick?

As you were, Anneliese.

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By Crabcakes
Tubby Isaacs wrote: Thu May 20, 2021 8:47 pm Interesting.

There's a big Sikh community round here, and one of the local councillors is a sikh and he gets a massive chunk of loyalty vote. Regrettably he's a Tory, but by all accounts does at least seem to get stuff done and not be a headbanger.

Goes to show the strength of having a big, ready-made community backing though.
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By Boiler
Jon Cruddas on Labour's travails.

Cruddas says he hopes to contribute to this work, but he remains troubled by how far the party has drifted from its traditional working-class roots - and fallen into the arms of "Remainia", a land inhabited by young, educated, networked professionals who campaigned for Britain to stay in the EU, and who now make up much of the party's membership.

He is also alarmed by influential voices on the left who promote utopian visions of a Fourth Industrial Revolution, where robots do all the work, and the masses are pacified by a "universal basic income".

This latter one smacks of the laughable "Luxury Communism".
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By Tubby Isaacs
Who are these influential voices on the left? Sure, there are a lot of people who think that there will be tons of surplus labour because of AI, but just seen as something which will happen, it's not a utopian vision. And they don't seem to be all that near the leadership of the Labour Party. Various people support UBI, by no means all people who believe in the imminent disappearance of unskilled work.

What policies are implied by Cruddas there? Government intervention to slow down the growth of robots?
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By Arrowhead
Oh FFS, “Remainia” - otherwise known as literally the entire United Kingdom for several decades until a bunch of shark-eyed grifters and charlatans took over and helped Boris the Ledge deliver his steaming hot turd.

I understand the wider points Cruddas is making, but the likes of Burnham and himself are going to have to do a lot better when addressing their Remain contingent. Muttering nonsense about Remainia or “embracing Brexit” isn’t going to cut it, unless they wish to oversee an exodus of voters to the Lib Dems.
By Youngian
I don’t understand why Cruddas is suggesting Remainers are opposed to his work security agenda or in favour of global neoliberal corporatism having more power over national governments. Does he think Tony Benn and Chavez are the architects of Brexit?
And what’s more most of the freelancing ‘urban elite’ would give their right arm for the full diary of a spark in Dagenham. Who has no interest in trade unions or ‘community’ (whatever that means).
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