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By mattomac
How has the left shaped Biden’s presidency?

If I remember they moaned about Kamala Harris, they insisted Sanders be given a post and then moaned on election night when the count made it look like Biden would lose.

I think Biden has got sane people involved and has started well, if he had gone down getting some of the far left involved he would be fighting fires every five minutes.
By mattomac
Much of what has happened seems very much what Harris was campaigning and fighting for so I assume she has led Biden in some ways or Biden was willing to make his presidency one of real change, I assume Harris sat down and discussed what the presidency would look like. They definitely come across as more of a team.

But let’s be honest has Biden done anything Starmer hasn’t either come out for or was pushing anyhow.
By kettle
davidjay wrote: Fri May 28, 2021 12:06 pm And no matter how isolated she is in the party, the flagshaggers will seize on this as Labour policy, aided and abetted by the "Hur hur I called him Keith" mob.
You can't call people standing up for an oppressed Palestine "flagshaggers" when the Labour party has adopted a policy of sticking the butcher's apron on everything and hoping it makes the racists like them.

Lot of weird energy in this thread. Getting the feeling a lot of people here aren't keen on Palestine's right to exist.
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